By day I’m known as Lisa Anderson, but by nightfall I am transformed into Irys OceanSong, card reader extraordinaire.  Irys is my spirit name and reading the cards as Irys helps me to disconnect from my muggle life and connect to the heart and soul of the cards.  I grew up in a conservative household, asking questions, and seeking answers, but did not find my true spiritual home until after I had given birth to three children and discovered the Tarot. In this deck of 78 cards, I found a channel that outshined all others in providing useful information, including Google!  Answers, suggestions, guidance, humor, this deck has it all.  It’s been 16 years since I picked up my first deck and I am still fascinated with what this oracle reveals about life, relationships, finances, spirituality, and my place in the world.  But questions like “Where did I leave my glasses?” are not its forte.  Those questions are best posed to a Lenormand deck, another oracle I work with.  If you are struggling figuring out what to do when you grow up, no matter your age, I can help you uncover the clues to finding your unique calling using a series of Birth Card Discovery Sessions.  I can also divine with the cards to provide guidance about your current work, relationships, decisions and issues you face every day with a variety of spreads that address your specific challenges.  My readings give gentle guidance but are designed to be empowering as we explore whatever issues you bring to my table.  The Tarot Parlour is a safe and confidential environment to give voice to your stories and lighten your burdens in the journey of life.