Three Card Reading

Past, Present, Future – Body, Mind, Spirit – Conflict, Action, Resolution – Situation, Challenge, Advice – Sun, Moon, Stars – Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light – Maiden, Mother, Crone – Father, Warrior, Safe – Illusion, Knowledge, Magic  – these are just a sampling of the positions of this small, but powerful spread.  Book this session and we can create your own three card spread.

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Five Card Reading

This spread looks at the basis of the situation, what to do or emphasize, what not to do, what to keep in mind as you proceed, and where things are going at the present.  Choose this spread to explore an ongoing issue and find empowering actionable advice.  (Spread courtesy of Thomas Caldwell, Tarot By Thomas). A variation of this spread can use the elements – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit to explore an issue or pinpoint an imbalance in need of action.

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Seven Card Horseshoe Reading

This spread explores the present situation, the past of the situation, hidden influences, obstacles, attitudes, the influence of others, and the most likely outcome of the situation.  This is a great spread for examining different influences on a pressing issue.

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The Celtic Cross Reading

The Celtic Cross is considered by many to be the workhorse spread of tarot.  The ten cards cover  the past, present, future, unconscious and conscious influences, how you see yourself, how others see and influence you, your hopes and fears, as well as the possibilities to come.  A variation of these spread positions are:  your current situation, what distracts you, what you are letting go of, what is opening up to you, what you’re beginning to understand, what you haven’t recognized, some outdated thinking that is blocking you, what your family and friends offer the situation, an action to take and the result of taking that action.  This version of the Celtic Cross was developed by Carrie Paris and provides startling insights into the current issues of your life.

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Character Creation Reading

Do you have a character, for role playing, writing, or just for fun, that you want to flesh out, know more about?  This spread can help you discover your character’s appearance, age, visual signature, back story, primary strengths, critical flaws, motivation, and problem solving abilities.  Find out what makes them tick and bring them to bold, beautiful life!  This spread was created by Mark McElroy &  Choose this one to make your characters come alive today!

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Life Cycle Session

This session consists of two spreads that explore in detail, the major events of your life, and then looks at what is coming, based on what you are doing now.  If you want to excavate your own history and discover your major turning points and what lead you to where you are now, this spread is perfect for you.  For the second part of the reading, armed with the forces that have shaped you, you can determine where you would like to go, what path you will take and empower those choices.

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Birth Card Discovery Session

This sessions consists of calculation of your birth cards and a thorough examination of each card and what it means to you.  This first session last approximately an hour.  Some basic information will be requested prior to the session.  Please be prepared to participate in this process and to fully engage with the energies of these cards.  Included will be a specialized reading centering around your birth cards and a dialogue segment to familiarize you with the cards and how their influences interact in your life.  Discovery practices to do at home will be given.  A 30 minute follow up session will be held approximately two or three weeks later – will be scheduled after first session – to discuss your dialogue discoveries and to answer questions that come up regarding the process.

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