Hello, I’m Irys OceanSong, a skilled tarot reader with 25 years of experience in delving deep into the mystical world of tarot. I discovered my spiritual path through the Tarot after becoming a mother of three, finding solace and guidance in its 78 cards. I believe in the power of the Tarot to provide insights into life’s challenges, relationships, finances, and spirituality. With a background rooted in seeking answers and questioning the status quo from a young age, I’m passionate about helping others uncover their unique paths and callings. I offer several tarot sessions to unveil your life’s purpose and use various tarot spreads to provide guidance on work, relationships, decisions, and everyday struggles. My readings are empowering and gentle, creating a safe and confidential space at The Tarot Parlour where you can share your stories and lighten your burdens on life’s journey. Whether you’re looking for clarity on your life’s purpose, looking for meaningful work, or seeking guidance on daily challenges, I’m here to empower and guide you with the wisdom of the Tarot.

I’m known by many names to different folks: Lisa, Muffin, Mom or when my husband is in a feisty mood, Moldy, (he’s Oldy). Humor can take you through even the worst of situations. When you can laugh, you don’t cry and that’s a better way to perceive life, through the lens of hope. And the cards even have a sense of humor, especially when you ask the same question over and over and expect a different answer. I used the cards to guide me through many parenting issues, and have found the cards from the Life Path Quest, specifically the Emergence Challenge Cards, to be most helpful in understanding the life patterns my children were going through. I’ve found the cards can be helpful with any issue, challenge, or choice – but the cards can be also used for play and less serious matters. I’ve also used the cards to find inspiration for stories and character creation, and I’ve even done Life Path Quest readings for fictional characters.

Cats are another love of mine and our family members are happy servants of 6 very spoiled fur babies. I’m also a fan of Outlander – the books and the TV Series starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – a love story that deals with time travel, war, famine, and strong family ties. As a way to connect even further with the storyline, I’ve done readings on these characters!

Tarot is a tool to help you to understand not only yourself, but also others. My readings give gentle guidance but are designed to be empowering as we explore whatever issues are brought to my table. The Tarot Parlour is a safe and confidential environment to give voice to your stories and lighten your burdens in the journey of life.

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